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Advancing Hydrogen Production: Auto-Thermal Reforming Technology

Hydrogen is gaining significant attention as a clean and versatile energy carrier that can play a crucial role in decarbonizing various sectors, including transportation, industry, and power generation. One of the key technologies for hydrogen production is AutoThermal Reforming (ATR).

Hydrogen has emerged as a crucial element in the transition towards a low-carbon economy. Auto-Thermal Reforming (ATR) technology, combined with carbon capture, represents a groundbreaking approach to producing green hydrogen, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We offer comprehensive solutions including

•Project planning,

• Developing and manufacturing of parts and equipment's.

• Installation and services.

• Supply of compressed hydrogen gas.


A hydrogen retrofitment kit is a transformative solution designed to convert traditional combustion engine vehicles into hydrogen-powered ones. This kit typically includes components like fuel cells, tanks, and control systems, enabling a seamless integration of hydrogen technology into existing vehicles. By offering a sustainable alternative to conventional fuels, hydrogen retrofitment kits play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation. They represent a practical and eco-conscious option for upgrading vehicles to operate on hydrogen.


Fuel cell technology based thermal power plants

Thermal power projects incorporating revolutionary fuel cell technology alongside carbon-neutral Auto Thermal Reformer (ATR) represent a groundbreaking leap in clean energy innovation. By integrating high-efficiency fuel cells with ATR, these projects harness the potential of sustainable fuels like hydrogen or biofuels to generate electricity.

This synergy enables thermal power plants to produce electricity with significantly reduced environmental impact, contributing to cleaner air and a more sustainable energy future while maintaining the reliability and scalability required for large-scale power generation.

By employing innovative solutions such as renewable energy sources, advanced energy conversion technologies, and carbon capture methods, we can eliminate harmful pollutants from energy production.

We offer comprehensive solutions including

• Project planning,

• Developing and manufacturing of parts and equipment’s.

• Installation and services

Tailored for power plants utilizing fuel cell technology. Our expertise spans the entire lifecycle of these projects, from initial planning to final deployment.


Power generators and Energy Solutions operates based on fuel cell technology integrated with Carbon neutral ATR (Auto thermal reformers).

Pollution-free and noise-free power generators with enhanced efficiency are revolutionary advancements in sustainable energy technology. These generators employ clean energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity without emitting harmful pollutants, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Additionally, their quiet operation addresses noise pollution concerns. By incorporating cutting-edge engineering and advanced materials, these generators achieve greater energy conversion efficiency, ensuring optimal utilization of input sources and minimizing wastage.

Product Features

• End-to-end power solutions cater to the diverse energy needs of industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

• Pollution free and Noise free .

• Greater efficiency

• Economically viable

The-clock service and support from a highly skilled team ensures uninterrupted assistance and problem resolution at any time of day.

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